Galloway Astrophotography

Galloway Astrophotography

16/02/2023 7:00pm

Galloway Astrophotography


Think you’d quite like to give astrophotography a shot? Join us in the Planetarium with a local dark sky photographer, Alistair Scobie.

From Galloway landscapes to distant galaxies, discover Alistair’s journey into astrophotography. Enjoy the incredible images he has taken from his back garden whilst learning about the process behind them.

Alistair will give you a glimpse into some of the equipment he uses to capture the beauty of our Dark Skies, from a basic digital camera to high tech kit.

This Talk is for all those interested in getting started in astrophotography (and those who want to be blown away by some epic photographs taken locally!).

Booking is essential.

Please note you will be given a loyalty card which will allow you to attend your 5th event for free.

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